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      Children's author, Carolina Cutruzzola, is a mama on a mission to help end childhood bullying by promoting kindness, empathy, and forgiveness in her picture book "Kool to Be Kind." Through this story, Carolina shines a powerful light on one of the biggest reasons why some children become bullies. Bullies are just like everybody else; they struggle from time to time. They just need some kindness, understanding and guidance to see the goodness in others and in themselves! Research shows, that childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage. By helping bullies get to the root of their internal struggles, we can help break the cycle of bullying.

      As a busy mom of three, Carolina created the #Kool2BeKind campaign in 2019. All proceeds from her Posh Princess reusable bags benefit the Herbie Fund at SickKids. Now, she is delighted to add #Kool2BeKind t-shirts and bracelets to this campaign! With each purchase, a portion of proceeds will benefit the Herbie Fund at SickKids.

      Carolina encourages implementing a #Kool2BeKind club in every classroom to praise children for good behavior, and inspire them to become the kindest version of themselves.

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