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      We encourage every class to create their own #Kool2BeKind Club! It's SUPER FUN and will inspire children to be more mindful and kind. Here are some easy instructions to get you started:

      First, you will need permission from your teacher. Once approved, you will need a Box of Kindness, a shoe box will do. You can label it “Box of Kindness” and decorate it with stickers or drawings as a class. Before the end of each school day, your teacher and fellow students can grab a scrap piece of paper and write down any acts of kindness that you did that day and place it in the Box of Kindness. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone or helping your teacher. By the end of the month, the box should be filled with acts of kindness. Way to go! That deserves a celebration! This is where you can get really creative by voting on a theme. From pajama party, to movies and popcorn… the possibilities are endless. Also, each student can donate a dollar or two, so your teacher can supply school safe treats for the celebration. You can vote on that too. This will be super fun and give you something to look forward to every month. I hope it will inspire you to be the kindest version of yourself!

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