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“Kool to Be Kind is a must have in any child’s book collection. The author provides a much needed message, one of acceptance and kindness that fills a void in today’s market.” ~Jiulio Consiglio, Spritual Author.

“An inspiring and engaging read for children, parents and teachers. As a mom, I know this is an important topic and Kool to Be Kind teaches us patience and kindness.” ~Sofia C, Mom & RDH.

“As a teacher, I see great value in developing empathy in my students. This book not only focused on the importance of teaching empathy; it also demonstrated the act of not giving up on others. My students loved it.” ~Ms. Medeiros, Elementary School Teacher.

“A heartwarming story about Charlie and how he eventually befriends the school bully Pat. This delightful picture book demonstrates to children how to be self confident and kind, all while preventing bullying. Highly recommend!” ~Stefanie C, Medical Student.

“Upbeat, inspiring book for your littles to read, to encourage kindness in us all.” ~Reana Giroux, Mom & Dog Groomer.

“We liked the book. Never be a bully. It’s fun to have friends. If you are getting bullied, always tell an adult. Always be nice no matter what happens to you.” ~ Gianluca & Stefano I, Superstars, age 8&10.


“Kool to Be Kind is a story that all of us, in some way, can relate to. It reminds us that every day is a new day to put away sadness, anger and fears and choose to be kind.” ~Michael J. Gyovai, Father, Pa & Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club Peel

“My son and I truly enjoyed reading Kool to Be Kind together! The wonderful story, illustrations and message really teaches kids about having compassion, kindness, courage and the acceptance of others. We definitely want to be part of the #Kool2BeKind movement!” ~Logan, Superstar age 5. Christine, Mom & Business Owner

“Kool to Be Kind does a remarkable job capturing the virtue of kindness. This story will be sure to inspire and encourage children of all ages. Its message serves as a powerful teaching tool, to heighten the message, that kindness is rewarding.” ~Mrs. M. Iannace, Elementary School Teacher.

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